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My name is Nneka Obiagwu, and this is the story of my triumph IN adversity ranging IMG_20160126_110144from fibroid complications, infertility, miraculous delivery of two exceptional boys and sailing on through a diagnosis of an Autism Spectrum Disorder. I was born and bred in the eastern part of Nigeria in the 70’s and  all my life all I wanted was to be a diplomat; in particular I aspired to be the first African Female Secretary – General  of the United nations. As the daughter of a lecturer of political science I was quite politically aware and had made a decision after coming across a book of my father’s on How to be come a Specialist in International Relations that I was going to become a conflict negotiator, I picked out the courses I would have to study to achieve that, the schools I would have to attend and the requisite skills…

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Professional development opportunities for African academics

Thank you Rachel for putting up this extensive list. It is very comprehensive and will really be of benefit to interested academics and researchers.

Rachel Strohm

[Updated 24 August 2015]

While there are a decent range of scholarships available for African students doing MAs and PhDs, the professional development opportunities for African academics appear more limited.    I’ve listed what I could find, but I’m sure there are more – please send any recommendations my way!   This post will be continually updated as I find new scholarships, with the newer opportunities at the top of the list.

Post-Docs and Residential Fellowships

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Help!! In search of role models!!

Be the role model for them.

Adaeze Ifezulike

teenage health
One of the things that intrigues and saddens me is the transition I note in the medical records of a young girl as she grows into womanhood.
Initially most girls attend the GP for simple coughs and colds. All is rosy. A little paracetamol makes everything alright. She is her parents’ cute little thing with no cares in the world. She skips about the clinic curious about everything, as healthy as can be. The snuffly nose is likely viral and not needing anything done other than paracetamol for a slight fever.

She attends again just as she starts puberty. She is with mum and suddenly she needs 6 months of antibiotics to keep her acne at bay. No matter how I reassure her that her spots are an expected outcome of growing up and nothing to worry about she is adamant that they are ruining her life and must be…

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Hello world!

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